The Tabor Divine Retreat Centre has been at the service of the church for last many years, always committed to the spiritual renewal of the people of God. Tabor voice is a Gospel magazine published by Tabor Divine Retreat Centre. Everything we do here is done in fellowship. This magazine is joyful product enriched by the efforts of love of many brothers and sisters, who are called by God to serve at this Retreat Centre.


Long-awaited dream of reaching out to the people with the Good News through the “television ministry” of Tabor Divine Retreat Centre has been accomplished with the launch of the program “Gloria” on the 26th Jan 2013, in the Goodness/Divine Channel. We will be broadcasting the following segments
1. Live telecast of First Friday’s Services.
2. Preaching the Word of God at various sessions
3. The moments of the joyful tears rolling on the cheeks of the retreatants during anointing services.
4. Inspiring and motivating testimonies by the retreatants AND many more.

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