"Gospel is the power of God."


The Bible describes vividly those instances where God’s powerful word transforms the situations drastically. God said, “Let there be light” (Gen 1:14) and the thick darkness was dispelled from the face of the earth. Jesus said, “Be calm” (Mt 8:26) and the roaring waves of the rough sea become gentle ripples of water at the feet of Jesus .Jesus said,” Lazarus, Come out” (Jn 11:43) and God’s power pierced through the lifeless body and Lazarus walked out of the tomb alive. Jesus said, “Get up and walk”(Jn 5:8) and the paralyzed man lying by the pool of Bethsaida for 38 long years was infused with new strength and got up and walked. This is the amazing power of God’s Word to change lives and situations instantly .The Tabor Divine Retreat Centre has been at the service of the church for last many years, always committed to the spiritual renewal of the people of God .Tabor voice is a Gospel magazine published by Tabor Divine Retreat Centre. Everything we do here is done in fellowship. This magazine is joyful product enriched by the efforts of love of many brothers and sisters, who are called by God to serve at this Retreat Centre. My prayer for everyone who reads this magazine is that they may be enriched by the presence of Holy Spirit, enlightening, comforting and empowering them in their journey with the Lord.

Fr.George Kuzhuppally V.C



"Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation"

(Mt 16:15)

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  • Published in Five Languages-English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and Tamil.
  • The Magazine that Leads people into repentance, renewal healing and God–experience.
  • The Magazine, the reading of which fills everyone – farmers, traders, employees, youths, students and kids with power of the Word of God.
  • The Magazine with touching articles testimonies, healing and Christian news.
  • The Magazine that leads to miraculous God –experience, even while you read it.
  • Do you wish to do some evangelization work in your neighborhood and those places that have not yet known Jesus? If yes, God is waiting for you!
  • With a small part of your income, get a few copies of this anointed Magazine of Tabor Ashram and gift them to others or subscribes to the Magazine on their behalf.

Dear Readers of Tabor Voice and Friends in Christ,

We thank you in God’s name for you generous contributions to the “Tabor Voice Office” for helping us to continue the publication of this evangelization Magazine without a hike in the price. Only if we get 2 lakhs rupees per month we can continue publishing Tabor Voice without increasing the subscription rates. So please continue to send in part of your earning, profits and sacrifices as your contributions to Tabor ashram. You may also send your prayer intentions along with your contribution to Tabor Voice Office. We will pray for you at Tabor Ashram. Your contributions should be sent as MO or as DD that can be encashed at Kalyan. You may also pay directly to the Office .People abroad can remit through their NRE account. Address: Tabor voice, Tabor Divine Retreat Ashram, Kamba Village, Varap P.O, Kalyan West, Thane Dist., and Maharashtra 421301. A/c No 4633 Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd. Kalyan.






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