Call Us: +91 9167740412

Call Us: +91 9167740412


Out Reach

The Outreach Retreat Ministry of the Tabor Team was given the name “Exodus. “ Our team goes in different groups to all the nook and corner of the world to conduct Retreats and Bible Conventions. Our priests with “Exodus-Mission” have been able to reach out to U.S, U.K, Germany, East Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain etc. during the past.

Current Events

One Day Program and Residential Retreats also termed as stay-in Retreats in various languages give shape to Tabor Ministry. It comprises of Preaching Sessions, Praise and worship, sharing of testimonies, Healing Adoration and Holy Eucharistic Celebration.We focus on giving people a deeper prayer experience whereby they arrive at a greater intimacy with God.

Up-Comings Events

Residential Growth Retreats in English, Malayalam and Hindi on various themes are held during the course of the year at Tabor Bhavan. The criteria to attend a Growth Retreat is:
1. Minimum two Regular Retreats at Tabor.
2. Within the time limit of two years.
Residential Youth Growth Retreat in English are also conducted at Tabor Bhavan.