Call Us: +91 9167740412

Call Us: +91 9167740412

1. Please tell me a little about TABOR ministries.

TABOR ministries are administered by Vincentian priests. We conduct evangelization retreats worldwide. 

2. Could you please tell more about the Vincentian Congregation?

The Vincentian Congregation is a clerical society of the Catholic Church with the status of pontifical right. St. Vincent De Paul is the Patron of the Vincentian Congregation. The Congregation has taken as its motto, “He has sent me to proclaim the Good News to the poor” (Luke 4:18) and tries to realize it through Popular Mission retreats, preaching ministry, missionary works and charitable, social, educational and media apostolate.

3. Do you accept only Christians for retreats and prayer services?

Jesus accepted all, we too. “I will not reject anyone who comes to me” (John 6:37).

4. What do you mean by residential retreats?

A) Residential retreats are a time for prayer, reflection and renewal of life.
B) It is a time to move from the daily routines of everyday life and journey in meditation of the Word of God to deepen relationship with God.
C) The participants of the retreats have to live in Tabor Ashram from Sunday 4pm to Wednesday 4pm.
D) Food and accommodation will be provided by the Retreat Centre.
E) The prayer services and preaching of the Word of God during retreat days are from 6am to 9.30 pm.

5. Are there some special rules for the Residential retreats?

Yes. A) Silence is to be kept during the retreat.
B) Use and storage of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any other stimulant will not be allowed and if they are found in your hand you will be send back.
C) The retreat badge should be worn at all times.
D) Punctuality and complete participation are necessary.
E) Obedience, co-operation and mutual respect are expected from the participants.

6. Do I need to produce an ID during registration?

Yes. You need to produce a government approved Proof of Identity on your arrivt to register for a residential retreat.  

7. Can I use my mobile phones and electronic gadgets during retreat days?

No. Only if you are ready to surrender your mobile phone and electronic gadgets you will be permitted to register for the live-in retreats. You will not have access to them until the retreat ends. You have to inform your family members to contact Tabor Ashram in case of emergency.

8. I have a small baby; can I attend the retreat with the baby?

It is not convenient for mothers with small babies to attend the residential retreats.

9. I am mentally challenged, can I attend the retreat?

We are sorry. We do not have the facility to give you special attention. You are advised not to attend residential retreats.

10. Do I need to bring personal care items?

Yes. You have to bring toiletries, bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, towels and other personal care items. During monsoon season please bring an umbrella too.

11. Is there a chance to make confession during residential retreats?

Yes. There will be priests to hear confessions. We also conduct examination of conscience service.

12. Do I need to register for residential retreats?

No. Prior registration is not required. You can walk in, register and join the retreat.

13. Where should I come for the retreats?

Tabor ministries are conducted in two campuses. ENGLISH, HINDI AND TAMIL live-in
retreats are conducted at TABOR ASHRAM, Kamba Village. MARATHI, MALAYALAM AND
KONKANI live-in retreats are conducted at TABOR BHAVAN, Rayte Village.

14. Where do I register?

On Sundays as you walk in there will be registration counters. Tabor team members are ready there to help you.

15. Can I attend Sunday Holy Mass at the Retreat Centre?

You have to come for the retreat after attending Sunday Mass in your parish where you are a member. Tabor ministries always promote active participation in parish services.

16. Can I get a Bible there?

Yes. The Holy Bible, Prayer books, rosary, CDs, notebooks, pens, religious articles are available here.

17. When do I have to come for the retreats?

The retreats start on Sunday 4 pm. You are requested to arrive on Sunday afternoon. First, please surrender your mobile phones and electronic gadgets, and then do the registration. Please collect your retreat badge and just follow instructions with an open heart. Have a fruitful retreat! If you need any help, please approach our zealous team members who are always happy to serve you.

18. What is about your accommodation facilities?

With general registration you will be given a dormitory facility. If you are interested to get a special room please ask the Team members about the availability on extra payment. Special rooms are allotted first come, first served basis. 

19. Please tell me about one day pray services.

One day prayers services and night vigil services are free entry spiritual events, open to all. The programs include Praise and Worship, Preaching of the Word of the Word of God, Holy Eucharistic adoration with healing and deliverance prayers, Confession and Holy Mass. If you want to meet a priest for a special prayer please approach the office and they may guide you. For more details please visit our

20. How can I reach there?

Tabor Ashram, Kamba village is located along Kalyan-Murbad Highway. It is 50 km away from Mumbai international airport and 8 km away from Kalyan Railway station. The nearest local railway station is Shahad. You get taxis, buses, share-autos to reach here. Tabor Bhavan, Raite Village is 4 km away from Tabor Ashram along Raite-Dahagon Road.

21. Do you have an office to contact?

Yes. Our office is open every day from 9.00am to 5.00 pm. The telephone numbers are 0706 128 129, 0731 679 168. You can also get the information through